The Playground of Compliance Teams

Play 10mins a day to level up your team's responsible AI and data privacy muscles!

Exciting stories and puzzles with real-life case studies.

Each quest is meticulously designed as to improve your compliance skills with byte-sized labs





The world is changed.

AI i s revolutionizing our landscape, unveiling risks for which humanity is unprepared. That's why we need proactive upskilling around AI literacy, data privacy compliance and responsible AI best practices. Join our community of privacy and AI professionals who chose to adopt, and equip themselves with the knowledge needed to discern the evolving AI and privacy threats to our digital societies!

Think of Privacy Quest as the "Duolingo for compliance," where users can learn about AI literacy, responsible AI, data protection, and privacy engineering in an engaging and interactive way.

Every day, take a small step towards understanding the tricky world of AI and privacy threats with Privacy Quest.

Our quests are designed to help you gain the skills and literacy to contribute to a safer, more transparent, and ethical digital world.


Cultivating Data ChampionsOne Player at a Time

Traditional education systems fall short, and with rapid changes occurring almost daily, there is a pressing need for continuous training for AI literacy & data privacy.

Through continous learning, we aim to boost AI literacy and equip individuals with the skills to safely engage with AI, be aware of risks, and tackle AI-driven threats. Our games are designed to start from scratch in teaching basic ICT skills, privacy and AI literacy to professional compliance upskilling around responsible AI and privacy engineering. Suitable for a wide audience—from students and professionals looking to upskill—our games are an accessible alternative to the costly one time training and certifications.

Our motivation as privacy lawyers stems from witnessing the critical shortage of professional learning environments that are both fun, accessible and practical. We see the challenges and the struggles humanity faces against emerging threats to democracy, human rights, and autonomy, and we're committed to turning the tide by nurturing a community of data champions.




PQ Villagers! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Privacy Quest platform beta over the incredible six months since we launched the Playground of Privacy Professionals. We have released the next version of the platform, which promises to elevate the gaming experience to a whole new level and expand into responsible AI, AI literacy and privacy engineering for everyone!

PQ 2.0 experience is something like Duolingo but tailored for AI literacy and ethical data practices. Our game-based platform lets you engage in thrilling logic puzzles and simulations, all designed to boost your skills in navigating emerging technologies and their risks. Each episode enhances your ability to get the technical literacy to face the emerging challenges as an individual or professional manage and safeguard your digital footprint, progressively mastering essential digital skills


Quest Catalog

Through interactive quests, Privacy Quest helps you become proficient in AI governance and privacy engineering by presenting exciting stories and real-life system puzzles to solve.

Through gaming, we can fulfill our mission to enhance societal literacy and equip people with the skills needed to confront AI-driven threats.

E2E Encryption

Learn the concepts behind PKI and how to use PGP Encryption

Threat Modeling

Learn the concepts behind privacy threat modeling with LINDDUN


Learn risks and benefits of de-identification strategies

Synthetic Data

Learn the concepts behind synthetic data and various generation methods

Data Mapping

Learn how to turn data flows charts and requirements into data maps

Battle for AI

Get weekly legal, engineering and compliance puzzles

AI Governance

Learn about AI Governance frameworks and policy landscape

Digital Identities

Learn about digital identity models and verifiable credentials

Data Transfers

Learn the concepts behind compliant data sharing


Learn how to mask data and concepts behind pseudonymization